toronto edgewalkHi there- I’m Svetlana, a tarot reader in north New Jersey, USA.


It was out of my love of the occult and a desire to help people that I bought my first tarot deck in 2005.  Turned out all my best friends already had their own.




Growing up I was attracted to witchcraft, divination and anything ghosty.  I read books on the Witch Trials, world renowned hauntings, myths, folklore, odd people.


I always had my nose in a book- before everyone did the same with their phones- and always felt there may be something unseen we can tap into.  An awareness we can develop to help ourselves and others.


I was sooooo teased and bullied in school for being dorky and different.  Gossip wasn’t my thing, nor was teasing others.  So I couldn’t understand why some kids were so mean.


After graduating college with a bachelor’s in art, there followed a string of completely soul draining jobs.  Because, you know, you can’t make money with art.  Many lies later, with self sabotage and general low self confidence thrown in, and here I am.  Back doing what I love to do.  Never stop doing what you love.


I’m now a skilled massage therapist, tarot reader and shop owner.  I read for wonderful clients all over the world.  After years of treating my most natural skills as a hobby and keeping my life long dreams in the backseat, I’ve returned to them.

It took self awareness, some wake up calls and a good amount of JUST DO IT.


I get to help people do the same- connect with their brilliance, find clarity in a situation, and be good to themselves with a reflective check-in.



What are tarot readings like?


A tarot reading with me combines traditional tarot card layouts with spiritual talents developed over many years.  Clairsentience and clairvoyance bring specific information for each client.

During a reading, I can see images (clairvoyance) and know things (clairsentience) that sharpen what the cards are saying.  You’ll get a bit about each card, the reading as a whole and any spiritual messages I receive.  All this is told to you in a relaxed, conversational way that many clients love.  Some say watching their reading video is like actually sitting across from me.

Your reading comes to your inbox by video, which you can watch and download.  Afterward, I’ll light a candle on my altar for you.  Its intention is guided by your reading.


tarot card live stream



What can a tarot reading do?


*inspire you to action and thought

*help you anticipate change

*help with creative and business decisions

*provide relief during unstable situations


Readings with me tend to be predictive and mundane.  My real strength lies in presenting the known and unknown in a person’s life.

Clients have said they appreciate my wry humor, succinct language and accurate predictions.



Need affirmation, a heads up or a new perspective?

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