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For New Tarot Readers


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Learn Tarot: How Do I Start Reading Tarot?

If you just got your first deck or are itching to, check this out.  This is what I’d tell a friend who was wondering how to begin as a tarot reader.





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My 3 Favorite Places to Practice Tarot Online

I have personally used these 3 online venues to practice tarot readings.  They’ve been soooo important (well, the first 2 have) in my development into a professional reader.





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Learn Tarot: Meet the Court Cards

Reading tarot court cards sounds like one of the scariest possible things that can happen in a reading, if you read what novice readers say.  Just a couple notches below drawing the Death card.  It’s totally not.




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Tarot Myths Busted

Tarot, like anything in the occult or spiritual realm, is rife with bullshit.  Let’s lose that paranoia by going through some of the most popular tarot myths.




For All Readers



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 5 Weird Things That Happen When You Read Tarot Cards

The cards jump.






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Tarot Magick for Beginners











Contrast in a Reading

This quick 3 tarot card pull for my business outlook turned into a mini lesson on contrast in your tarot readings.  And a heads up to keep an open mind!


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Video: 3 Pieces of Advice for New Tarot Readers

I’ve picked the top 3 tips from over a decade of tarot reading.





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Tarot Spreads


The Spheres Tarot Spread

A reflective, 2 card layout to check on congruence or discord in your day.


Mini Rainbow Tarot Spread

This is a little spread I designed 3 years ago to accompany an angel spell.  I wanted to use tarot to check in with the progress of my working.


The Margarettown Tarot Spread of Self Discovery

This expansive tarot spread is based on one of my favorite books of all time.  Margarettown by Gabrielle Zevin.  Take a look at all the different facets you embody, from childhood to your present age and even into the future.


Love & Relationship Tarot Spread

Need to sneak a peek at your relationship?  This tarot spread is great for budding romance and long term relationships.


The Theme Wheel Tarot Spread

This is an easy but eye opening 5 card tarot spread.  You’ll use the image of a wheel to look at the fall and rise of themes or influences in your life.


The Yule Tarot Spread

This reflective and fun Yule tarot spread began as my Pay it Forward reading.



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