Beautiful tarot bags to last a lifetime….

lusciously handcrafted bags, pouchs and wraps for your cherished divination tools


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If you’re a tarot, Lenormand or rune reader, divination is a ritual.  We love and value our tools and the time it took to create them.

What you put them in is no different.

I created Moonthrall to offer fellow tarot readers beautiful handmade bags they could find nowhere else.  Now, my shop includes tarot wraps, Lenormand bags and rune pouches.

All original designs, each are handknit from gorgeous yarns with sturdy craftsmanship.


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Tarot Bags

These tarot pouches hold most tarot and oracle decks beautifully.

There is plenty of room left for a mini notebook, crystals or oils to accompany your reading deck.





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Rune Bags

Earthy, rustic pouches celebrating the ancient wisdom of the runes.







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Lenormand Pouches

As extravagant as Mme. Lenormand was, this oracle deck deserves a sumptuous bag.  My Lenormand bags are knit from silks, linens and other lovely blends.






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Tarot Wraps

Moonthrall’s signature creation, the diamond-pattern tarot wraps were the first on Etsy.

Your tarot wrap is multifunctional. It can serve as a portable reading kit- you can slip a crystal or vial of favorite psychic oil under the tie.





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 Intuitive Tarot Readings

Combining clairvoyance and clairsentience with traditional tarot card reading, these offer understanding and empowering knowledge.