Client Testimony

I’m thrilled to share amazing feedback from happy tarot clients over the years.  These quotes are taken right from my shop.



Tarot Client testimony3


“Your readings continue to be a big help. Thank you!”

“Thanks for the reading!  A lot of time and energy was put into this reading and you can tell how much she cares!!!  Thanks for everything! ‘

“SIX STARS!  Absolutely amazing!  Smart, extremely insightful and so empowering!  Thank YOU!”

I am speechless about HOW accurate it was.  I feel both enlightened and inspired.  Big, big THANK YOU!


Tarot Client testimony2


I am continually amazed by the accuracy of the readings I receive.  Thank you!”


“Regular client here.  Compassionate and insightful as always. Thanks again!”


“When I first received my reading, it made no sense at all.  But my previous readings were 100% accurate so I decided to wait a few days.  Sure enough not one week later my reading made perfect sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I have been a client for years and I will keep coming back for as long as her shop is open. :)”


“What a wonderful reading!!  So much love and effort went into it and it was very applicable.  Reader is wonderful.”


“Wonderful reading.  Seller is spot on, sweet, and understanding.  Thank you so much!”


Eerily accurate and much appreciated, thank you so much for the reading.”


“Second reading, very well done.  Gave me alot to contemplate for my future.  Thank you so much. :D”


“Thank you so much for this reading.  It illuminated some important things for me.  I will absolutely return.”


I’m a returning customer and Svet surely doesn’t disappoint.  Truly gave me a completely different perspective on my situation than anticipated–and a different way to think about things. Thanks!”


Svet ROCKS!  Her reading was not only accurate, but delivered with kindness and a wry sense of humor.  She not only tapped into our personalities, but our relationship from my perspective and his… I’m excited to see her predictions manifest in my life.  Thank you!”


Tarot Client testimony4

It is my personal opinion that this vendor is the best tarot card reader in the world.  Enough said.”
“Thank you.  The reading was clear and thorough.  It has given me food for thought and I will certainly return for future readings.”
“Amazing and accurate reading!  It resonated with me and it was spot-on. Thank you for the insight, perspective, and positivity!”

“I have been buying tarot card readings from Moonthrall every 3 to 4 months over this past year and it’s been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my personal on-going care. 

I really can’t recommend these reading enough. If you see value in using divination as a format for self-reflection and modification of your current tragectory this is the reader for you. I’ve found Moonthrall’s readings in all ways useful and highly accurate. Thanks, your an Etsy Star!*********”


“Amazingly insightful again-you are so dead on in these readings.  I will definitely be back for another:)  I honestly cannot believe on on point the reading was last time, thanks so much!”
“Great reading.  Some things were dead on such as the new action involving business. I’m sure others will be clearer in time.  Thank you”
A quite interesting perspective from a very warm and personable reader – thank you very much!”

“amazing! your reading was so dead on, i don’t know how you did it! reading it gave me the chills! thanks so much for the insight!”


“A few days to consider? I’m thinking more like a few months…your readings are nearly impossible for me to understand at first but reveal complete and utter truth as time goes on. Your a gem, a peach, a star….my favorite tarot card reader!”
Tarot Client testimony1