Free Tarot Thursdays

Keep up with Moonthrall, divination and all things spiritual.  And get yourself a free mini tarot reading on Thursdays. Make sure to like and follow my facebook page.  Request a reading on the post.  I’ll reply with a card or two highlighting something for your day or week! 1 reading/person/month please.  Thanks and spread the … More Free Tarot Thursdays

Diamante Tarot Wraps

Every tarot deck has its own personality.  Isn’t it exciting waiting for a new tarot deck to arrive at your home?  Celebrate the occassion with a new home for your cards. Customers love matching colors to their favorite tarot or oracle cards. The open sides makes it easier to see which deck is which. Plain … More Diamante Tarot Wraps

Happy Holidays! Here’s a Yule tarot spread for the season

This reflective and fun Yule tarot spread began as my Pay it Forward reading.  I’d offer it every year for only $1.  Clients also agreed to do something nice for someone else. A card for something about your holiday season, a gift you can share with others (not just something you can buy) and a … More Happy Holidays! Here’s a Yule tarot spread for the season