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Hi there!


I’m an intuitive tarot reader helping conscious seekers gain understanding and empowering knowledge through succinct, no BS readings with tarot cards and spiritual messages.




I aim to give people clarity, affirmation, empowerment and a heads up on the future.


Please read my code of ethics before purchasing.  You can also see feedback from many happy clients over the years.



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Your Next Year tarot reading etsy listing image

Your Next Year Tarot Reading   $97

Wondering what the coming year will bring? Do you have many wonderful ideas swirling around and need to see which are best for you? Lacking motivation and would like some spiritual guidance?



The Your Next Year tarot reading gives you the knowledge and confidence to pave an inspired path through the year. My readings give clients affirmation for now, new perspectives and predictions for what’s to come.





Blazing Brilliance tarot reading listing


Blazing Brilliance Tarot Reading  $57

Settling for less than you know you’re worth?

Have some real crappy experiences sucked the power from you? Power you know you still possess and want back?



This Blazing Brilliance tarot reading acknowledges the power and brilliance within us all. Sometimes we just can’t quite see it, or it’s been tamped down by others.




Celtic Cross reading etsy listing

13 Card Celtic Cross   $37

 Your perfect check-in.  Makes a great birthday or seasonal reading!
It can include people around you, actions, intentions, events and show you the possible path of your current situation.


3 Card reading etsy listing

3 Card Mini Reading  $11

Bite sized insights.

This quick and succinct reading uses 3 cards to answer questions or give you a dead-on message about whatever it is you need to know.

Clarity reading etsy listing

Clarity Tarot Reading $17

Need to make a decision? Going through a troubling situation and need reassurance?

Arm yourself with a clarity tarot reading.

You’ll have an overview of your current direction and what likely may and may not happen.









Details, details…


Your reading comes with a Money Back Guarantee.  Mull it over for a few days- if the reading is completely wrong or totally unhelpful, ask for a refund.

Purchase your reading in my online shop.  Etsy takes Paypal, Etsy gift cards, credit cards and more!

I only read for adults 18 and over.  I will not read about health matters (deaths, illness, pregnancy) or financial concerns.  Breakups and possible cheating aren’t my forte, either.