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Hi there.  Interested in booking your tarot reading?  Head over to the shop and pick the one that sounds good.

I aim to give people clarity, affirmation, empowerment and a heads up on the future.

Please read my code of ethics before purchasing.  You can also see feedback from many happy clients over the years.



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13 Card Celtic Cross   $30

video reading with candle
*general overview of specific situation or broader place in life
*covers a larger time frame, sometimes a year or more
*can bring up people involved with you
*can give you a heads up on happenings still to come




3 Card Mini Reading  $9

email reading

*quick outlook of your week or month
*outcome of a path or event
*a question you need wider perspective on

clarity tarot reading shop listing

Clarity Tarot Reading $18

video with candle
*to help make decisions
*to show possible scenarios
*to see if a situation will blow over…or not










Details, details…

Your reading comes with a Money Back Guarantee.  Mull it over for a few days- if the reading is completely wrong or totally unhelpful, ask for a refund.

Purchase your reading through their links to my online shop.  Etsy takes Paypal, Etsy gift cards, credit cards and more!