About Me

I’m a tarot reader, artist and licensed massage therapist in north New Jersey, USA.

It was out of my love of the occult and a desire to help people that I bought my first tarot deck in 2005.


A tarot reading with me combines traditional tarot card layouts with spiritual talents developed over the years.  Clairsentience and clairvoyance bring specific information for each client.

I use many different tarot decks and sometimes Lenormand cards and runes.  During a reading, I can see images (clairvoyance) and know things (clairsentience) that add to and sharpen what the cards are saying.

I strive to provide clear, tangible information that you can relate to at the moment, then see later as events unfold.


Tarot can:

*inspire you to action and thought

*help you anticipate change

*help with creative and business decisions

*provide relief during unstable situations


Readings with me tend to be predictive and mundane.  My real strength lies in presenting the known and unknown in a person’s life.

Clients have said they appreciate my wry humor, succinct language and accurate predictions.

Feel like you need a little affirmation, a heads up or a new perspective to mull over?  Head over to my shop to book yourself a tarot reading!