What’s New

Hello there.  I’ve been itching for something new lately and letting go of things that have dragged around too long.  Ever have the same feeling?

I even cut my hair last week.  I haven’t done that in over 10 years.  Cutting my own hair, that is.

I’ve gotten the itch for a bicycle, too.  We’ll see if “It’s like riding a bike” is really true.  Every day has been cardio, yoga and strengthening exercises.

There’s some career magick going on the altar.  Time to uplevel.  I’m ready for a change and really want to move on.


My workroom here got a cleaning, too.  My paintings are up (doing the rental lean on bookcases because, you know, can’t make holes).


All this inspired rethinking in what I offer clients.  Yeah, I’m a tarot reader.  But what do people GET out of a reading with me?

Yeah, it’s cool at first (ok, it still is) to shock the hell out of people with accuracy or make predictions that happen.  But once that all passes, what are they left with?

Straight up predictive readings can offer relief, knowledge and confirmation.  But divination has so much more potential.  I want to use that to help people realize their own.

That’s how the Blazing Brilliance tarot reading was inspired.  Sometimes it’s damn hard to see what you’re capable of and how far you’ve come.  I’ve created new readings and expanded popular ones already around.

Readings will be my jam this year.  The videos have been great!  A fancy new pro mic and new computer has really increased their quality.  Being more comfortable in front of the camera means less editing.  Aside from a coughing fit in the last one, it’s just been record-and-upload.


Deciding whether to get a reading?  Take 20% off any tarot reading with the code TAROTREAD20.  It’ll be available for a limited time, so take advantage!


So- what’s 2018 the Year Of for you?  Feel free to make course corrections and invest in yourself.  Be selective with what you spend time on.





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