7 Magickal Ways to Prepare for the New Year + Free Ebook

New Year’s is a big deal.  In both the mundane and magick worlds, you’ll find people getting ready to celebrate.  Or just be done with the year.

If you like throwing some magick into your life and home, read on.  These ideas can help you clear the way for a happy, prosperous new year.

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Clean + Declutter

Many New Year’s traditions have people cleaning out their entire house and business.  Anything old and unused is thrown away.  New, useful items are bought.  (This also brings prosperity to the businesses you buy from!)

So set up some music, light incense (anything cleansing or connected to the season is great) and get to it.

Clean out the fridge.  Put out things for bulk pickup.  Sweep, dust, vaccuum.  Wash the linens and windows.  Get all the nooks and crannies you don’t normally.

Porches and entrances have a special connection to a good, spiritual cleaning.  Don’t forget these areas!  Prosperity enters through the front, so sweep and wipe your front door, steps, welcome mat, door frame and porch or landing area.  Florida Water is a cleansing staple in some practices.  It smells wonderful, too!


You can do this after you clean to clear out any energy you riled up while giving your place the once-over.  Use Palo Santo, Sage, Cedar or any other smudge stick or bundle that appeals to you.  Open the windows and doors for a bit to let everything out.

Get a Planner or Journal.  Or Both

I got mine!

Not only do they keep you on track with appointments and tasks, they help you schedule in YOU time.  All the stuff that gets forgotten or pushed aside.

Journals are for enjoying that you-time.  What did you learn?  How are you growing?  How is your inner voice changing?  And for writing tarot readings in.

If you have a business, a good planner can help with content scheduling, clients and keeping a bird’s-eye view on your goals.

Write runes, spells and intentions all over them!  I’m not fancy- I use gold and silver gel pens.

Do a Tarot Reading

This is obvious.  A nice Celtic Cross or other larger spread will show you what to expect.  Write or record it to look back over.

My reading started right off with Devil + Death.  So I know 2018 will be full of ending attachments, behaviours and ways of thinking that are no good for me.

Clear + Clean Your Altar

Did you already do this when you decluttered?  Wipe it down, dust everything, freshen it up with flowers and a glass of water.  Give the items on it a sound bath.  I set up my tablet with singing bowl videos.  Add new pieces as your new year’s vision takes shape.

Don’t have an altar?  Set up a little one to carry your intentions past the countdown.

Tackle Unfinished Business

The Chinese have a new year’s tradition that has always stuck with me:  handle your unfinished business.  Pay debts, complete appointments and agreements.  Tie up all the loose ends that are rattling around in your mind.

This might take you to some uncomfortable places, depending on how badly you’ve been avoiding these things!  Resolve them once and for all.  Put them behind you as you toast your amazing new year!

Get a Bottle of Champagne

Or spiced wine.  And enjoy the rest of 2017!

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