The Magick of a Great Tarot Reading

People usually get a tarot reading for two reasons:

1. Regular spiritual maintenance OR 2.  The shit has hit the fan.


The benefits of a good tarot reading can help both people.  I have been both people, hehe, and have seen lightbulb moments and amazing outcomes with my clients.


So why get a tarot reading?  I’ll share some real life experience and help you understand what you can get out of your next intuitive session.


Magick of a great tarot reading blog post.png



Readings can provide reassurance. 

Yes!  It’s going to work out!  or Nooooo!  Don’t waste your time.  You might want to try this-

Paths and guidance gleaned from the cards should leave you confident in your future and ability to achieve your goals.



You won’t be as surprised when the (un)expected happens. 

I blissfully left the local pagan shop after coming in completely terrified about losing my (soooo not good for me) job.  I really should have just found another, but my now-favorite psychic assured me everything would be fine in a couple months.

Yep, a couple months later, just before the holidays, I lost my job.  Surprised, but not.  I had pulled Death and the 8 of Pentacles (the work card) just before.

Long story short, it was the best drive home I ever had.  It’s also how my massage therapist career started.  A great tarot reading, a fervent give-it-all up prayer to Oya and incredible timing all lead to such a better place for me.

The reading confirmed my suspicions, let me know it wasn’t my issue and inspired me to LET friggin GO of that toxic mess of a job and do better.



Your tarot reader’s feedback can be a real confidence boost.

Ever go into a reading already knowing what the answer will be?  Are you getting nudges right now on your next move?

You DO know what’s best for you and ARE tuned into your own guidance.



Possibilities and paths light up for you.

When your attention is turned to new perspectives, they can manifest easier.  Much of that is up to you, armed with the knowing that they’re possible.



Readings can light a fire under your ass. 

Great readers leave you with inspiration, information and maybe a spell or two.

One of the most powerful spells I’ve ever done was after a reading with aforementioned psychic.  Who’s also a witch.  I always leave with helpful homework and resources from her!


Take that knowledge- update your resume, find the confidence you had all along, work that candle magick, have that conversation with your boyfriend.  Sometimes all you need is a little light shined on you.




Looking for empowerment, knowledge and a heads up on the future?


Tarot Readings blog shop page

Book your own tarot reading now!  

I’m an intuitive tarot reader and helping conscious seekers wanting down to earth clarity –  on their spiritual and mundane journeys – to gain understanding and empowering knowledge through succinct, no BS readings with tarot cards and spiritual messages.




What does that mean?  I use tarot cards, clairvoyance (I see things) and clairsentience (I know things) to look into your general life situation and see where it may lead.

I give people specific insights into what’s coming up- so they’re not so surprised when people and events happen to shake things up.

Book an insightful session from my shop.  I look forward to working with you!




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