Learn Tarot: 4 Tips on Reading Tarot for Strangers

Reading tarot for complete strangers is the Holy Grail for new readers.  Well, reading and NOT sucking at it.

Thing is, it’s soooo much easier than reading for friends and family.  The less you know about someone, the more you let your intuition fly!

If you’re just dipping your toe into the reading-tarot-for-strangers pool, here are 4 quick tips to get you started.


Reading tarot for strangers blog post imgae.png


Be upfront. 

Know what you’re capable of.  Your skill level, type of reading you do/don’t do.  What you want in return.  A small donation?  Honest feedback (which helps immensely and can boost your confidence.)


Pick a friendly and honest place to practice. 

A group of trusted friends (who can introduce you to new friends…).  Online forums and Facebook groups can widen your reading pool.  Pick one that’s not spammy.  Take a look at existing reading posts.  Do people ask for readings and run?  Or are the exchanges fair?


Keep it light and fun. 

Not to knock the relevance of a good tarot reading, but being lighthearted really helps your intuition.  Once doubt or overthinking kicks in, readings can become muddy.


Read for only avatars + usernames

This keeps you completely in the dark!

Say what comes to you.  State your intention of telling this person what they most need to know, nothing more.  Keep it open and light.

You may run into people wanting their ex back or to know WHEN they’ll get pregnant.  You can pass on these.




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