Enchant Your Holidays: Simple Ways to Add Magick To Your Home and Gifts

The holiday season is packed with…..holidays….and events, shopping, gift giving, family and hopefully some time to reflect.  Here’s how to throw some magick into your gifts, decorations and cooking.


Enchant Your Holidays blog post image.png


One of the simplest ways to enchant your home is through scent.  Wax tarts, candles and stove top simmers are on full blast right now.  Mountain Rose Herbs has a list of holiday inspired scents for your oil diffusers.

Bonus:  Many holidays scents (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pine) strongly represent wealth and friendship.


Craft beautiful ornaments with a magickal kick out of pinecones, simple dough and craft supplies.  Layer correspondences into the herbs and colors you use.


Enchant Your Holidays rustic snowflakes.png


LittleThingsBringSmiles has a Rustic Snowflake tutorial.  They look amazing.


Hil over at RaisingFairiesandKnights shares wonderful Yule traditions from her own family.  Sun salutations with her kids is a great way to stay connected with the sun during the darker months.



Enchant Your Holidays perfume.png


I can’t help but mention Mountain Rose Herbs again- and their huge list of Homemade Herbal Gift ideas!

It’s got everything herby.  Perfumes, massage oils, foods.  Everyone loves thoughtful, handmade goodies.  These are natural and healthy, too!

Don’t forget the spiced mulled wine!


So- what magick do you work in your home during the holidays?  Any special recipes or gifts that are always a hit?  Let us know!


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