When Getting the Death Card is a Relief

death blog postYears ago, I worked with horrible people.  I desperately wanted out but had a 2 year stretch of being jobless before that.  I did not want to lose this one.

I lost it anyway and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Let’s go back in the week.



One morning before work, I was casually pulling tarot cards.  I’d been casting cards about my job, lighting candles, doing everything magickally and physically to better the situation.

This time I didn’t ask anything specific.  Death.  Then the 8 of Pentacles.

“I’m going to lose my job.”  I thought.  It was a mix of anxiety, wonder and relief.


Now this realization wasn’t completely out of left field.

Leading up to that:

  • I got a real itch to pay off my car, throwing money at it like crazy.  It was completely paid off that summer!
  • I went to (frantically called a pagan shop) a trusted psychic who saw what a mess the job was and predicted at least a few firings.  It would all be over around the holidays.
  • I had candles lit.  One for Oya.  The other, an Evil Be Gone!  No better for getting rid of icky people and situations.

Mainly I was finally done putting money, time and desire into turning the whole place around and making the job awesome.  It wasn’t going to happen.

Oh and I saw a craigslist ad for my job position.  I worked extra hard to blow everyone out of the water.  I asked the store owner upfront about the ad.  Don’t worry, he said, we wouldn’t do that to someone.  He did.

Fast forward to later that week.  I get the news that I’m being let go.  It was the best drive home I ever had.  The circumstances a few of us left under were suspect and there was involvement with the DOL, but everything turned out in my favor.

Losing that job got me into massage school, a new career, the drive to rev up my own business and regained clarity.

Now when I’m in a funk and Death comes up, it’s a huge relief!

“What will I be letting go of?  Oooo, I wonder what it will make room for?  How will I become better?”



Of course, I don’t jump to reassure people that the Death card only means “endings” or “change”.

“No, no, it’s about TRANSFORMATION!” readers and laymen alike jump to say when someone frets about this card.

Many times it is.  In over 10 years of tarot reading, I’ve yet to tell someone about imminent death.  It’s never happened.  Have I heard stories about it happening to others?  Once or twice.  And only the end result was mentioned.  No Death card was spoken of.

It does others a disservice to cut off the infinite meanings each card has.  Tarot cards were made for Italian nobility at a time when life and death were important matters.  (As if they’re not now!)  Today, they still mirror everything life has to offer.

But if you pull the Death card for yourself, consider the possibility of a complete, partly unexpected, ending.  Despite clinging to avoid change.  Despite your best efforts to steer the situation to your liking.

Sometimes, your attention is needed elsewhere.  See what fills the space and what changes can take place in your life.




2 thoughts on “When Getting the Death Card is a Relief

  1. It’s interesting that you lit a candle for Oya, and as such not surprising that the job came to a definite end. What I’ve learned about her is that if you ask her to intervene in a situation, she goes full on if she sees it’s what’s needed. My elders give the example of, if you ask Oya for a better house, she’ll level the one you have down to the foundations and expect you to build a better one in its place (or elsewhere!).

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    1. Thanks, Asali. Haha, yes, it ended the best way it could. Sometimes you’re ready to stop messing around and make way for something better. Thanks for sharing your elders’ wisdom!


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