Intuition + The 2 of Cups

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My track record of pulling the 2 of Cups for anything personal is astounding.

Business?  Spiritual practice?  Intuitive development?  2 of Cups.

Intuition is subtle.  It seems familiar.  Which is why many of us have a hard time trusting it.
Can it really be so “of our minds”?  Yes!

Why would cartoons or a song I already know pop into my head?  Because that’s your language.

That’s Spirit and your intuition speaking it.  Much relationship advice centers around love languages and speaking that of your partner’s.

Small kindnesses instead of grand gestures. 

You (usually) won’t get clubbed over the head with fantastical epiphanies and visions!  Ghosts and angels aren’t flying out of your wood paneling to deliver stunning messages.

Last month, I got a hankering for new crystals.  While walking to the local shop, I saw an old coworker crossing the street.  Well, damn!  She was going through some big life developments, so it was nice to see her again and give her a hug.

Now I knew why I had to go that day.  At that exact time.  A couple minutes either way and our paths would not have literally crossed.

So take notice of the small stuff that floats into your head.  Has a song or image popped in from nowhere?  Especially while doing something zen like showering or sweeping?  Got the feeling to do something new or differently?

Do it and see where it takes you!
P.S. –  I’ll be away 7/31-8/4.  Vacation!  Orders placed will be shipped before then and readings will be taken down temporarily.


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