Link Roundup: First Edition

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Hey everyone!  I’m bringing the mashup of witchy and mundane articles that are my bookmarks to you in this first edition of Moonthrall’s Link Roundup.

Each one is intended to inspire you to use your own powers of intuition, magick and self awareness.




Camelia Elias’s tagline is Read Like the Devil.

I subscribed immediately.

A prolonged longing for strong validations. The friendly familiar. Deploying Clouds into Tree roots: ‘THIS you can know’.



Small Spells: Why Tarot Readings Are More Effective than Therapy


“And I love talking and I love processing things and talking about emotions, but I think you hold on to so much when you’re constantly talking about it.”


Witchcraft + Weeds : Healing + Magickal Practices for Summer


“The air is heady with the whispered charms of love spells.”


How to rock out your 2017 planfest


“The end of a difficult year. And what better way to do it than with a dream community – the perfect mix of people I know well and love, people I don’t know well and love anyway, of music, sisterhood, magick, and dance.”



Five Strategies for Reclaiming Your True Self, According to Genesis P-Orridge

“Do not be afraid,” P-orridge repeated twice. “Do not be afraid” of uncovering who you really are. Here are the legendary artist’s tips for reclaiming your true self.


A Beginner’s Guide to Sigil Craft


Part magick, part artwork.  A great how to for anyone on creating personal sigils.



How to be the Tarot Reader Everyone Raves About


Best practices laid out in bite-sized actions.



Manifestation Babes Facebook Group

Ok, I joined.  If you’re into the Law of Attraction, manifesting, positivity and want to improve your self talk, check it out.  The creator has a book out, but there are tons of free info and videos.









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