New Free Ebook: 3 Simple Rituals for New Tarot Readers

My first writing for tarot readers is here!  3 Simple Rituals for New Tarot Readers was written to give you a step by step process to enjoy your new tarot deck.  It’s always an exciting time- opening your first deck- and should be savored.

This 14 page (ebook, really) pdf lays out a new deck interview spread, opening meditation and tarot spell to affirm your new path as a diviner!

Do your favorite ritual or all 3- from getting to know your deck to beginning your meditative practice.  All you need is your first (or favorite) tarot cards.  A candle, crystals and journal are always nice to have on hand, too.  So is tea.  Or wine.  Whatever you enjoy.

3 rituals for new tarot readers pdf


This free download will come to you, along with a welcome coupon for my shop, when you sign up for MoonBeams My newsletter goes out the 1st of each month, completely free.  It’s crammed with shop news, exclusive specials, sneak peeks and inspirational writing and videos on divination and magick.

More writing is on the way!  Comment here about anything tarot you’d like to learn about.  Thanks for the inspiration!



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