Robin Williams made me laugh my ass off

Certain dreams (usually during naps) have me laughing, crying and waking up going WTF was that all about?

This was one of them.  But the great kind.

Robin Williams made a brief appearance in a dream a few days ago.


I was waiting at a crosswalk, on the way to a party. It was like NYC, people everywhere. Robin was in the middle of a crowd on the other side, also waiting to cross.

We kept making game faces and snarling at each other. Getting into running poses, like awaiting the starting pistol to a race. No one else seemed to notice, but it was so funny. The two of us staring at each other and making faces from across lanes of people and traffic. I kinda woke up a bit and laughed my ass off.

I’m always appreciative of dreams that make me laugh (anyone dream one of the best songs they’ve ever heard but completely forget it?). It was so giddy and silly!

I don’t really channel or sense spirits, yet. Maybe it was my brain or Robin actually popping by for a laugh.


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