The Theme Wheel tarot spread

I’m all about New Year tarot spreads.  Or doing a good throw of the cards at the turning of events.  New Moon, Full Moon, birthdays, holidays, starting a new job, moving…

This is an easy but eye opening 5 card tarot spread.  You’ll use the image of a wheel to look at the fall and rise of themes or influences in your life.


theme wheel tarot spread image

The center card can be anything you want.  I like opening a reading by using the first card to show my present.  You can use this spot for advice or specific information about your surroundings.

The wheel goes almost chronologically.  As in a Celtic Cross layout, the second card is your current theme.  What lessons are you battling with?  Does this card show something you’ve learned about yourself?  Maybe what’s really important to you?

Card #3 is your receding theme.  It’s done and going into the past.  Can you recognize what it shows?

Card 4, the bottom, is your foundation theme.  Like in the Celtic Cross again, this can be something from the past you’re using now.  Experiences, beliefs you’ve formed.  Can you see a connection with your receding theme?

The last card is your upcoming theme.  It can be completely predictive or more like guidance.  Does it seem to grow naturally out of your past and current themes?  Or is it completely from left field?

Share your reading with us when you use this layout!  I’ll share my own reading with this spread later on.





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