My 3 Favorite Places to Practice Tarot Online

Finding a good place to practice with your new cards can be difficult.  You need a variety of like-minded people and questions to draw from.  Feedback helps you understand how your readings sound and your level of accuracy.  A good support system can advise you in handling delicate questions.

I have personally used these 3 online venues to practice tarot readings.  They’ve been soooo important (well, the first 2 have) in my development into a professional reader.  Just remember to tell people you are practicing.  Let them know you would feedback or ask if you can trade readings.

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Aeclectic Tarot has the best educational and social resources for diviners of all sorts.  Their forum has expanded to include Lenormand, oracles, runes and more.  It’s free to join and almost the entire forum is free to use.

Everyone I’ve come across there is super friendly and dedicated to their study.  Once you’ve been posting for a bit, the reading exchange opens up for you!  Go in and start a thread.  Offer as many readings as you like, with whatever deck you want.  Experiment with new spreads and ways of reading.  Feedback is always honestly and construtively given.


The American Tarot Association (ATA) offers its members access to a reading network with subscription.  You’re paired up with a mentor and off you go!  They are there to guide you through first stages as a reader.  You might do a practice reading for them or run through advice on handling clients.  They are there to answer any questions about difficult questions.

You set your own schedule- pick the days you’ll read on and how many to do.

This may be your first taste at reading for complete strangers from around the world- many of whom are not readers themselves or never looked at a deck.  Not everyone replies with feedback but many do.


Tumblr gives you a little blog of your own to set up.  It’s customizable and has a sizeable tarot community.  People are always offering free readings or trades.  Some of the blogs are quite beautiful.

Put out the call and querents can use the “ask” function on your page to send a question.

I have offered “tip jar” readings- the person pays what they want.  I have made a whole $5 that way.


There are loads more available today.  Facebook Live reading sessions are popping up all over my feed.  You can Skype, Facebook message, plain email, Youtube- I don’t keep up with tech much so fill us in on your favorite place to practice!



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