Dreams of Vultures & Vampires

So was the theme death a couple nights ago?  Or did the two greatest symbols of rebirth & transformation show up to talk about something else?

The vampires gave me the most feeling- actually warm and comforting.  There seemed to be a group of us living in a big house or townhome.  It felt like there were others quietly sharing the space in their own rooms.  It was early morning.  Daylight streamed sharply into the kitchen but we weren’t bothered.  A male vampire spoke to me in the doorway.

We weren’t vampires in the way many people are used to- more like powerful, immortal.  I didn’t notice fangs.  It just felt like it’s what we were.  We didn’t dress in gothic or antique clothing.  We could have been in pajamas- the young man in a wifebeater and boxers or something.  Real casual.

He was telling me to go see another male- the leader.  I guess he was older, wiser.  It felt like he was more of a guru.  We saw him to get advice.  Or laid.

A woman was under the covers with him when I stood in his doorway.  The bedroom was high-ceilinged with tall windows.  It was dark but some light came in.  No worries.

I felt young.  Tween age or young teen maybe.  You know when things go over your head.  But I kinda knew what went on in there.  It was peaceful, though, and still.

I slowly put my knee on the bed- and not much else since there wasn’t room.  They both stirred, the woman still just a lump under the covers.  She complained that his shoulder rubs hurt her.  Well, she was a skeleton, so I guess that made sense.  Not in a grostesque, corpse-in-the-bathtub way.  Like an anatomy drawing- just some bones put together in the right way.  And she talked.

Our apparent leader- not much older than the male that sent me up there- saw I wanted to talk and gently asked the woman to give us some time.  He lay in bed on his back while I climbed in next to him.

Now, I was young in the dream, but nothing felt weird about being in bed with an adult male vampire.  Haha, I know.  I felt genuine care from him.  And I continue to use the term “vampire” loosely.

I’m not sure if I started it off with a question.  But he kinda guided me to sit on his lap and put his hands around my waist.  He said something, prose or a rhyme, I wish I remembered.  It felt- powerful, prophetic- like he was seeing ME.  My natural gifts and purpose in life.  He called me “Ray”, as in ray of light.

When it was happening, I felt he was speaking of experiences and beliefs that may have tarnished my self view.  Fuck all that.  I got the vision of fiery light burning away blacknes, leaving everything cleansed.

Like the sun that poured into the kitchen without burning us.




vulture dream image 2.jpg

The vultures?  We might have been in the same area, just outside.  It was a large space, like a park, surrounded by city buildings.  A large king vulture was swooping and walking around.  Many smaller, fluffy baby vultures toddled around the grass.

I was with other people.  Like with the vampires, we weren’t creeped out by these roadkill eaters.  There wasn’t roadkill to be seen.  I may have offered the king a mouse to eat.  He had opened his beak in front of me, almost asking to be fed.


I friggin love some of my dreams but they can be hard to find meaning from.  The pig dream has actually appeared to be predictive, so I’m keeping an eye on these new symbols.


Notes on vampire symbolism

Personal Focus:  Vampires are creatures of death that survive by drinking the blood of the living.  Blood represents passion and life force.  A vampire in your dreams represents some aspect of your personality or way of being that has the potential to drain you of your vibrancy and energy.

Because vampires can only move about freely at night, they are in the symbolic realm of the shadow.  This indicates that whatever issues are robbing you of your vitality are hidden from your conscious awareness and must be examined with this in mind.  What we keep in the shadow are parts of ourselves that we can’t accept and have difficulty integrating into our personal identity.  Not doing so can suck the life force out of us until we face what we are resisting.


Notes on vulture symbolism

The vulture is associated with the destructive side of a person’s personality. In psychological terms, while this dream shows the importance of intelligence, it also highlights significant improvements to your life in the future.

Be more careful and attentive at work.

If in your dream you see a vulture devouring its prey, it means that your troubles will end and you will get lucky. This is a good dream. It is said that if a vulture appeared in your dream, it can be compared to an angel announcing good luck and the fulfillment of your wishes. A vulture eating its prey is a good dream portending that your sorrows will end and it will be sunny and your street.

It is said that if you see a vulture in flight coming towards you and stopping near you, you will have luck, and your plans will succeed. Dreaming about killing a vulture indicates that you will have losses, but also that you will succeed in whatever you have proposed to yourself to do. An old explanation says that if you dream of a flying vulture, this is very good sign, and everything will go well for you.







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