My 3 Favorite Places to Practice Tarot Online

Finding a good place to practice with your new cards can be difficult.  You need a variety of like-minded people and questions to draw from.  Feedback helps you understand how your readings sound and your level of accuracy.  A good support system can advise you in handling delicate questions. I have personally used these 3 … More My 3 Favorite Places to Practice Tarot Online

Garden Tour

This side table is my little green space.  There are a few more ferns and succulents out on the sunporch.  They’re the only things I can grow, but I’d like to try herbs. These 2 have spawned the pots outside- just clipped a couple pieces and stuck them in new pots.

Tarot Spreads

The Mini Rainbow spread small, easy to remember and great to divine spells and personal work The Spheres spread 2 cards for looking within and without  

Hanged Man

You may need to hang out for a while; changed or progress isn’t likely. This can show a sabbatical or period of study.


What is over or about to end? Ending and separations of all kinds come up here.  Especially ones will greatly impact you.