You Like Weird Shit? 5 Weird Things That Happen When You Read Tarot Cards

1. The cards jump

We call them “jumpers”.  Cards will fly right out of the deck while you’re shuffling, seemingly to answer exactly what you’re asking.  Or what you really need to know instead.  Many times the number of cards is the same as you intended.

Bonus:  You find cards in totally different rooms.



Episode 101
Eva Green as Vanessa in Penny Dreadful (Episode 101). – Photo: Jonathan Hession

2. You know the card before it’s pulled

Called “precognizance”, this phenomena is a skill many of us develop even without the use of tools.  It’s when you know what will happen before it does.

Bonus skill:  seeing cards when you’re not even using them.  Tarot cards and other divination tools can be the symbolic language that Spirit or your intuition uses to communicate with you.


work for clients


3. You learn to magick with them

Tarot cards can be magickal tools used for visualization and spellcasting.  Once you get a sense of each card there is much more that can be done with them.  A deck that inspires you can make for a good ally and magick tool.  Want to stay hidden?  Pull out the Moon and explain your situation.  I have personal experience with this.

Janina Renee’s “Tarot Spells” is the first and only book on tarot magick I own.  It comes with a simple opening and closing ritual, and layouts for specific issues.  My favorites are the Business Success and Self Transformation layouts.  Once you find out what works, you can easily create tarot spells for anything that might come up.






4. The Death card doesn’t scare you

It may take longer for you to warm up to a dancing skeleton than others.  But once you’ve been reading for a while you see the tarot as encompassing all that life it- neither fully bad nor fully good.  You may even welcome the sight of this card during a trying situation you just need out of.

To further be of service to clients who are grieving or experiencing true death, classes in counseling may be helpful.



tarot table

5. Everyone wants to know more about it

Everyone has had readings, wants one or is afraid to get one.  I’m always finding out one or more people I’m sitting with has a deck.  Some even use it.

Everyone else will “pray for you”.

Either way once people find out I’m a tarot reader, they all have an opinion or want to know more.



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4 thoughts on “You Like Weird Shit? 5 Weird Things That Happen When You Read Tarot Cards

  1. Very interested in tarot cards! I have a deck but been in storage for a while…I’m going to get me a new set & a book to go with So I can learn right. Bless Be!

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