Sample Tarot Readings

Blue Moon etsy av

Here is a sampling of full readings I’ve done over the years.


The Moon + 3 of Swords

It may be the deck itself, but there’s a twinge of sorrow here and also a “wait and see” kind of feel.
The crescent moon and the lady’s gaze drew me most- like the shifting of the moon relating to timing in your own life.  You’re waiting for something to change or come to fruition.  The 3 shows some disappointment and weakness even- but that’s current or just passing, not what will continue.

Judgement + 9 of Wands

Is X (person the querent asked about) in another country?  A couple extra cards drawn look like someone having fun and traveling- one shows Corto waving on a beach, one of him standing smiling in front of a flag.  They literally look like postcards.

At first these seemed harsh, but now I believe Judgement is X’s impressions of wherever they’ve been.  You seem to be dying for this news- but the cards look like someone enjoying themselves.




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