The Hanged Man

staying in the same situation/phase of life nothing’s changing putting yourself in a tough place/being put in a tough place or backed up in a corner a time for study and reflection Advertisements

Queen of Wands

My significator!  I do not pull significators to begin a reading but am very aware when court cards show up. Women who are fire signs- Leo, Aries and Saggitarius.  These can show up for men, however.  Especially men who are authorities in their fields, but look to others for employment or guidance. tempers, action, potential … More Queen of Wands

Queen of Cups

a self employed artisan, small/home business owner someone who puts a great deal of themselves in what they do a situation best handled sensitively handling things with tact, perhaps letting it go and seeing how it flows; aggression will make things worse a kind, sensitive or creative woman, maybe a water sign can show up … More Queen of Cups

The High Priestess

Keeping your own counsel A solitary person or learner Work your magic Embarking on some spiritual learning The opportunity to rely on your own senses, bring out your intuition or some other unearthly senses hahaha!

The Magician

Controlling, manipulative person You are capable of making things happen, success It’s in your hands, you have all the tools you need already

Tarot Code of Ethics

  Many times a reading will clarify and bring to people a new perspective; easing worry, solving problems and offering knowledge to help them along their path. My readings however, tend to be predictive. I have the best interests of clients in mind and offer professional, confidential readings without judgment.